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Our first ever membership survey provides a look at the makeup of the community and insight into why members do pro bono work. 
LiveHelp Offers Real-Time Support in 4 States
Louisiana is the third state to launch LiveHelp, a chat-based, real-time support service, on their statewide LawHelp site,, while Georgia readies statewide pro bono support initiative.
CCPBC Supports In-House Pro Bono Movement
Corporate counsel looking to get involved in pro bono work can turn to the Corporate Counsel Pro Bono Coordinators site, developed to provide in-house counsel with the resources they need to build a pro bono program at their company.
Demystifying Legal Technology
This month, ALM launched a new monthly podcast, Law Technology Now, to enable members of the legal community to track the latest tech developments that help lawyers deliver impoved services to clients
Building Online Tools for Self Help
More legal aid and court partners are using the National Public Automated Documents Online initiative (NPADO) to broaden access.  This collaborative document assembly project hosts interactive online forms and then assembles professional-looking legal documents based on a user’s input.

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