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VOLUME 4 ISSUE 2November 2006

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Pro Bono Net Unveils New Pro Bono Manager Software
by Adam Licht
Adam Licht, Pro Bono Net’s Director of Product Management, reports on the Gates funded initiative to develop a platform to help law firms better manage and promote their pro bono work.
NYC Pro Bono Center Makes Volunteering Easier Than Ever
by Pro Bono Net
The NYC Pro Bono Center is connecting new associates with pro bono opportunities, training and substantive support.
Riding the Circuit in Alaska
by Matthew Burnett
Matthew Burnett fly fishing in the Kenai River
Pro Bono Net Circuit Rider Matthew Burnett visits the Land of the Midnight Sun.
LiveHelp Launches in Montana and Iowa
by Pro Bono Net
A new online chat feature provides real-time assistance to users.
Setting the Pro Bono Pace
by Lourens Ackermann
A guest contribution from Lourens Ackermann, Pro Bono Coordinator for Edward Nathan Sonnenbergs, who describes his firm's unique approach to establishing a pro bono culture in South Africa.

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