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VOLUME 3 ISSUE 2December 2005

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Program News
A Year of New Directions
by Mark O'Brien & Allison McDermott
New leadership, new innovations, new partnerships. Overall 2005 was a year of new directions for Pro Bono Net...
Gates Foundation Awards Pro Bono Net $1 Million Grant
The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has awarded Pro Bono Net a grant of $1 million over three years...
Katrina Legal Aid Resource Center Launched to Help Hurricane Victims
In response to the overwhelming devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina, four national, public interest legal organizations launched the Katrina Legal Aid Resource Center...
Riding the Circuit in Texas
They say that everything is bigger in Texas. Well, as Liz Keith saw on a recent visit, our colleagues in the Lone Star State are certainly thinking big...
And Now, a Word from Our Users . . .
Users of frequently speak out about their experiences with the site - here are just a few examples of recent feedback.

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