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Increasing Pro Bono Participation
by Michael Hertz
Court and bar association databases of lawyers combined with email and direct mail marketing offer powerful new tools for increasing pro bono participation. State access-to-justice communities should look at these new tools when looking at ways to increase participation rates.
LawHelp is "Life-Changing"
by Liz Keith
Liz Keith, one of PBN’s LawHelp circuit riders, recently talked with Larry Paschal, a community activist in Georgia, to discuss his community outreach on, the statewide LawHelp website.
New Funding for TexasLawHelp
by Laura Figueroa, Texas Equal Access to Justice Foundation
Over $360,000 of new funding will be supporting the further development of TexasLawHelp as well as outreach efforts to increase usage.
2004 by the Numbers
by Anna Van Lenten
In 2004, we witnessed significant continuing growth of both LawHelp and sites. We delivered information to hundereds of thousands of low-income people looking for legal help. also supports a network of over 20,000 public spirited lawyers around the country.
And Now, a Word from Our Users . . .
by Anna Van Lenten
Users of frequently speak out about their experiences with the site - here are just a few examples of recent feedback.

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