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Spring 2014 (July 2014)
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Program News
Tech Beat
Pro Bono Net Launches New Site
by Mark O’Brien
After four long years of service, the old has been retired and a new platform has been launched. Read about the new look and features.
In Context
Full(er) Access to Justice
by Michael Hertz
Our technology is not an end in itself. The goal is increasing access to justice. Whether or not you embrace the "full access" agenda, the LawHelp platform can bring both more brief and full representation services to low-income people with legal needs.
Awards Wins Early Recognition
Our District of Columbia partners, who opened their site only one year ago, are already attracting recognition for their contribution to pro bono work in our nation's capital.
Riding the Circuit
Alaska LawHelp Collaborates with Courts
by David Raikow
David, one of two LSC-funded circuit riders working with states using LawHelp, discusses a model collaboration between the legal services community and state courts in Alaska.
IowaLegalAid on LawHelp – A Model Start
by Kaaren Boullosa
With a small budget, lots of ingenuity, and a flexible platform, Iowa Legal Aid's new LawHelp web site shows how cost-effectiveness and high quality can easily co-exist. Read this interview with Pat McClintock of Iowa Legal Aid.
Program Sites
Jazzy Fundraiser
Legal Services of North Florida gets this issue's award for most creative use of a program web site, supporting its "Jazz for Justice" fundraiser. See other examples of how groups are using this powerful tool.
Praise for LawHelp Circuit Riders
With support from LSC, LawHelp has on staff two "circuit riders" who support the many states building on the LawHelp platform. Hear what folks around the country said about this program in connection with a recent grant application.

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