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Program News
by Michael Hertz and Mark O'Brien
PBN's co-founders, Michael Hertz and Mark O'Brien, introduce our new, online newsletter.
Evaluating LawHelp for Low Income Users
by Allison McDermott
Learn how the LawHelp platform was evaluated in Minnesota, and how we responded to that evaluation by improving the navigation of the LawHelp site.
How Pro Bono Net Helps
by MN Advocates for Human Rights
Amy Schroeder Ireland of Minnesota Advocates for Human Rights, one of Pro Bono Net's host organizations, talks about the ways that helps her deliver more and better services to the poor.
Riding the Circuit
by Christie Constantine
Christie Constantine is one of PBN's two Circuit Riders - she travels all over the country working with LawHelp states, and in this article talks about her visit to our partners in Virginia.
Tech Beat
by Michael Hertz and Mark O'Brien
An ambitious redesign of our platform in 2003 has resulted in a broad array of enhancements and new features - read about them in Tech Beat.
September 11th Update
by Kaaren Boullosa
The crucial legal work performed by volunteer lawyers for those affected by 9/11 continues, and thanks to a grant from the September 11th Fund, Pro Bono Net has hired a Coordinator to support this ongoing need. Sharmila Shah talks about her work around September 11th.

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