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VOLUME 10 ISSUE 3August 2012
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Join the Conversation at Pro Bono Net's New Blog

Interviews with leaders in legal technology, legal services and pro bono; reflections on national conferences; an introduction to LawHelp’s new look – all this and much more can be found on Pro Bono Net’s blog, Connecting Justice Communities, which made its debut in May. 

By way of introduction, we’ve collected some highlights from the blog, with links to the posts in which they appear.  We hope you’ll take a look and give us feedback, either in the comments on the blog itself or by email at

“Law firms are filled with very smart, very busy people doing (mostly) very complex work. Technology can reduce friction, create leverage (in the Archimedean sense) and improve quality, ultimately improving service to clients.” - Q&A with Michael Mills: Legal Technology Pioneer

“As an organization that works to build and strengthen relationships within the justice community through the facilitation of technology initiatives, Pro Bono Net’s work is inherently built around... innovation.  We have a unique position in the legal community where our close partnerships allow for the identification and analysis of partner needs, and our work centers around making connections between these needs and technology resources.” – Pushing the Envelope of Innovation

  “We have seen that the existence of the [Shriving Housing] project has changed the entire ecosystem of eviction cases…There’s an impact even if we’re not representing a particular litigant.” - Q&A with Tiela Chalmers, Increasing Access to Justice in CA

  “The Poverty Simulation is an interactive exercise enabling participants to experience, in detail, the barriers and challenges low-income families face each day….With a room full of legal services and pro bono staff acting as participants, it was very useful to be reminded of the more minute and personal need for the work we all do.” – Impressions of an EJC First-Timer

“It is important to remember that our nation’s military families, many of whom constitute low- to moderate-income households, encounter unique difficulties in achieving access to justice for their civil legal problems... Often unable to afford full-cost legal counsel to handle these civil matters, military members must turn to pro bono legal assistance.”  - Helping Our Service Members with Legal Battles at Home


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